30 September 2013

Embracing the Beetroot

We all know beets are good for us, right? They are. And I also really like them, except not so much pickled. In New Zealand, they have totally embraced the beetroot. In the week I have been here, these are the ways I have experienced beetroot.

As a risotto - only mine had a really lovely piece of grouper on top...Pan Fried Market Fish with a basil crust, beetroot & lemon risotto at the Dockside Restaurant.

As an incredibly lovely salad: Wood Roasted Beetroots with Walnuts and a Blue Cheese Sauce at Zibbibo

As an alternative to the tomato on a lamb burger at Mac's Brewbar.

Sorry about the terrible photo of the nearly all eaten Ghetu Masala. It was amazing. Roasted lamb in a tandoori masala sauce with pumpkin and - that's right - beetroot  - at Great India.

I can live like this.

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  1. Shoot- I need to work on my beet tolerance I guess!


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